Help needed- reserve and youth players


May 6, 2013
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I've played this game for 3 seasons now but suddenly every youth and reserve player keeps coming to me moaning about not getting games - I have a reserve manager and I just don't know how to stop it

Please help- I've looked in staff responsibilities
The problem is they aren't playing games for the first team.
Loan them out as Calz88 says or sell them. I've never placed too much stock in having a reserve team myself, usually shipping off most of them when I take over a team to free up some funds. The only times you really need one from my experiences is:

1. To cater to the recovery of a player from a long-term injury.

2. An aged star you want to keep at the club but isn't ready to retire just yet though isn't good enough for first-team.

3. Youth players promoted from under 18's who aren't ready for first team just yet.

The first reason is for those who micro-manage to a good depth, personally I don't spend a lot of time managing to this level if the player isn't absolutely key, reserve team football isn't essential to getting them back to their best (and this isn't relevent to your problem).

The second is just sentimentality, not a terrible thing but definately not great if you are in an AC Milan situation where half your squad are simply too old to play effectively for you anymore. If players are too old for you to implement them, the best thing to do is ship them off for whatever money you can. If they've enjoyed their time at the club and won the odd trophy or two chances are they will return as a staff member (if you want them too) should they want to stay in football once they retire, in the meantime you don't need to worry about someone complaining about not getting first-team football whilst draining likely too much money from your wage budget.

If you really do insist on keeping them on, I have no idea if its been proven, but correctly setting their team status to what you feel it is may help how insistent they are on first-team football (set to first-team they may ask a lot; set to backup or not needed maybe they are far more patient in their pleas/demands).

The third is fine since youth is important, but sometimes needs a stronger look at whether any of the players will really benefit the club in their later years. I tend to keep on 3-5 star players and see how they develop, buying in better youth to generate the sort of home-grown players I actually want throughout. Loaning is always your best option here, and rarely is it hard to secure loans if you have a good director of football with his duties set to include finding them clubs.

Ultimately though reserve teams are a luxury in my opinion for rich clubs. Otherwise they are a place to shunt players in the short term until other clubs can be found for them. Never worry too much about what's going on in your reserves.