Help needed with career planning and challenges? PLEASE read and help <3


Dec 6, 2008
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k so i am playing with the super 8 system database

i started with necastle in the championship
then got promoted to premiership and then relegated
im 2 seasons in now

i resigned from newcastle and have been offerred by barca a job with 113 m for transfers.

i have taken the job but what should i do to make this challenging because i dont want to make it boring
as in i can buy every good player now and then what? leave barca and go away and try buy same players again??

pls help and tell me what u wud do in this situation and if i took the right step and if this is going to be an easy game?
You got a team relegated and still got the Barca job?!
top flight team isn't that easy, since expectations become really high. even a draw with a team like Sevilla becomes dissapointing.
yeah i got barca job because according to super 8 database, premier league only has 8 teams and i was 8th place