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Jun 26, 2013
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Hi All,

I downloaded FM13 two days ago through Steam and saved to my D drive (my C: is for my SSD). Game works fine!

I decided to then download player faces, logos and kits from this site FM 2013 Graphics

Followed all the instructions - download, unzip(rar) into a manually created folder under FM13 folder called "Graphics", load FM13, open preferences, clear cache, untick the next box down and tick the next box after that. Click confirm.

Now when i go into the games i see SOME faces/logos/kits but not all EVEN THOUGH theyre in the packs i downloaded. For instance, when i check the Italian and Spanish leagues, most look to be there however the English Premier League for instance is missing completely. No logos/faces or kits.

Can someone please explain why this may be happening?

Is is because the games saved in D drive and not my documents?
Do i need a folder under FM13 called "data" and THEN one under that called "graphics" where all these files should be?
Should i try a different download of the kits/logos/faces?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.