Nov 2, 2012
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I have been searching across 4 different sites for about 3 hours now and no help to be found.
I am trying to create a network game for a friend and myself but I cannot see their game in the browser nor can they see me if I host.
There are other games in the browser, at this time 15 in total, however he and I see a completely different list of games.
I was wondering if anyone can answer why this may occur, I have tried to invite him to game through steam friends list and he has tried joining through there and that didn't work, I have checked my settings and i have allowed friends to join my game in settings.
I never had this issue in FM12 -.-
Think I have a fix for you. Make sure that both your download regions are set to the same place, this has been a real issue for some people and has been fixed as a result of doing this- i.e. in Steam
Sure no problem mate. Can you just let me know, there is apparently another issue where the guest (not the host) cannot sign any players, is this true on your game? Cheers.
i will let you know when my mate's pc stops crashing mate.
it seems my mate cant sign anyone either. woo bug