Nov 8, 2012
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Hello, long-term player of Football Manager 2007 here.

I'm hoping that someone can help me with a few problems I've encountered. I love the game to bits and have only had a couple of save games in all my years of playing FM2007 (I'm currently in the year 2025 on my current save game) because I enjoy the challenge of managing a team in a world made up exclusively of regens, whilst keeping all my previous managerial achievements on my profile.

Anyway, after years of trouble-free playing I've ended up with the following:

When I put in the disc and load up the game I now get this message :

"Failed to find a default database to use. Please make sure your installation is not corrupt"
I click okay but it takes me to a blank screen where the FM menu should be, so I have to use task manager to get rid of it and return to my desktop.

Then, when trying to uninstall the game through my control panel (with the aim of re-installing it and clearing the errors), I receive these messages after the uninstall wizard starts to load:

"No Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was found on this system"
"A suitable JVM could not be found. Please select a JVM by selecting its java.exe file"

Now, believe me, I've searched my computer for a JVM file or java.exe files that may help but to no avail. So I'm left with a broken FM2007 on my computer that cannot be removed.

Sorry this has been long-winded, but can anyone recommend what to do, what to download in order to fix the problems, or any advice?

Many thanks in advance.