Jul 3, 2013
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I've taken Swindon Town up to the Premier League and am just about to begin the 2017/18 season. The board made decent transfer funds available to get me there, but now the club's in the red and I desperately need the TV income to be able to buy players again (and pay Premier League wages!).

Does anyone know when the TV money is paid? Upon gaining promotion, it said the amount was 58m but pre season has started, transfer window's been open for weeks and still nothing!
So it's just paid on a game-by-game basis once the season starts? I could have sworn you got some upfront in the lower divisions but maybe I just imagined it!
Yes The tv money is spread out over the year in the premier league not just in one payment at the start
When you take a club up through the divisions, you should always keep an eye on your balance.

If in you get Swindon into the prem and your board allow you to spend £20mil even though you only have £3mil in the bank, it'd be best to buy players using monthly instalments, you'll spend a little more in the long run but you save yourself from the risk of going into the red and having to get out loans etc.

My best advice for newly promoted teams in the prem without much money would be to hold out as best you can until January, by then you should have amassed enough money to really splash some out and there's always the chance that the board will give you more to spend.
Dont worry about being in the red!

Just buy good players, make a winning team and eventually you ll be alrite.

Thats what I always do and I never had a problem even with notorious teams in the red such as WOLFSBURG.
my best tip for saving money from the off, is too take the minimum wage for you own contract, whats the point of paying yourself 50k a week.. :)