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Feb 15, 2009
Seeing far too many threads asking for help, but with no details. If you want help from others, you need to put the effort in yourself.

This is what you should be putting in:

Thread title - Please actually describe the issue, just saying "help" or "this is rubbish", is no use at all. Any thread that has poor language in the title or is abusive will be deleted.

The Issue – Tell us about the issues that are occuring and how frequently they are occur. Try and explain why its an for you so that peole can understand exactly what the issues are and offer detailed advice.

Team - Tell us the team that you are using, and what level they are at as well.

Shape/formation – We need to know exactly what system/systems you use when you encounter these problems. This includes both player and team instructions so we have a clear idea of how you are playing. Add any and all manual changes you have made.

Expectations – What were the board expectations and how do they compare to how you are currently doing. Are you above/below/achieving them at the minute?

Screenshots and PKMS– Please, upload screenshots of the details we have asked for. And PKMs if its necessary for people to watch swathes of the game to understand the issue.

The more detail, the better the help you will likely get.

Threads not following these guidelines are likely to be closed.

"Help me to help you"
Not open for further replies.