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Jan 6, 2013
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Hi, after reading numerous guides, articles, and forum threads I decided to make my own tactic. I had some great success with it with York City, then Sunderland. I then stopped playing the game for a while as life got a bit too busy. I came back again to play but with the latest patch and my tactic isn't anywhere near as successful. I guess in a way it may have exploited the ME, though that definitely wasn't my intention at all.

I've tried making numerous tactics since then and had no success at all, so I am reverting back to my old successful tactic and hoping to get some advice and thoughts on it to tweak it to make it as good as it once was.


For some reason I couldn't upload the image to my post. But I uploaded it on the link above so hopefully it works.

If not then the layout is

cf (a)
ap (a)

w (a) dlp (s) w (a)
dm (d)
fb (s) cd (d) cd (d) fb (s)

Team Instructions:

Fluid or Rigid
More Expressive
Press More
More Aggressive
Zonal Marking

I havent touched specific or player instructions.

I also use the shout at the start of the game to keep possession, and work ball into box.

I hope someone can offer me their opinion and advice, as the football it played before the new patch was great to watch and I loved the fact I was successful with my own tactic, now I'm just back to being frustrated and unsuccessful

Thanks in advance!!