Help with a tactic for great strikers, solid/middling midfielders, and iffy defenders


Nov 19, 2016
The title says it all!

I am facing a bit of a dilemma in my current run. Once again I find myself managing the Wolves on the path to greatness, 5 years in and we're in Euro Cup having just finished 6th in premier league. (Promoted first season, 11th place, 8th, and very very luckily 6th)

It has been a struggle in the Premier League. An absolute slog. While I've been putting everything I've got into the youth system it's been lackluster--due to not being able to finish particularly high or win any trophies we're not exactly attracting the next Messi's and Ronaldo's of the world.* For the same reason, we have real trouble attracting world class players and while I've been able to poach some world class old men and star youth kids, nothing ever seems to work out all that well.

*I've managed to poach a number of youth players, but we have about 10-20 up and coming excellent strikers and no worthwhile midfielders or defenders.

But the problems don't stop there, by 2020 Premier League had become a team full of European Clubs and a ridiculously tight table. Everyone's got unbelievable strikers and even better defenders. A tough ask for the low reputation Wolves.

To my credit, I've actually managed to acquire three world class strikers with 16-17 finishing/dribbling/first touch, a host of good mental traits, and smattering of adequate--if a little weak--passing skills.

The midfield is pretty lit with options ranging from Marouane Fellaini, Kyriakos Papadopolous, Beast-mode Kristoffer Olsson, and a number of other very well rounded players. Nothing spectacular though and no real long-range shooters.

The defense on the other hand... It's a step up from the early days of Danny Batth, Kortney House, and Dominic Iorfa. The likes of Gary Cahill and Chris Smalling feature prominently within my side except that... they suck. I mean... ******* do they have constantly low ratings. On a myriad of tactics too. Defending deep, high pressing, mixed, weird *** triangle stuff. They just can't keep the goals out. To be fair, it's not really their fault. With around 12 superpowered teams chewing the league up it's nearly impossible for most sides to keep the goals out--but something needs to change.

I've tried everything from the like of building my own tactics, reading and rereading the guide, and pouring over the forbidden tome of knowledge that is Strikerless but I just can't seem to put together a consistent, high performing tactic. So I put it to you guys, how can I design a tactic around three awesome strikers, solid midifielders, and a backline that can't keep the goals out.

*I should also mention that my wide players are very lit as well, but still aren't good enough to get by the big teams. I mean ffs, when your guy with 17 dribbling, 15 technique, and 17 flair can't dribble down the flank you're bound to get a little ****** off.

Thanks for helping out guys.