Apr 18, 2013
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I have been away from the game and the forums for a long time but am now starting a save with Colchester Utd. Has anyone got any tips on players that will help my team? I especially require good GK, DL and AML. I only have a budget of £30k so looking for anybody free or extremely cheap that will help me possibly get into the playoffs as expecations are for a mid-table finish. I did have a quick look around the forum and noted a few players that I could look at but I was wondering if anyone had either played as Colchester or a similar rated team who may have some recommendations.

Tactics wise I am not sure yet whether to play a 4-3-3 with a DMC and 2 wingers or a 4-4-2 as I have only just got FM13 with updates and this will be my first game. Looking at the team currently it looks like my central midfield is pretty solid and I have got experienced strikers and CD. The left side appears to be where the team is weak.

I have just realised I may have posted this in the wrong place can somebody move it please?
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Lee Naylor? A decent LB

Young prospect is Espindola an Australian Lw

GK wise, you'll find some good Brazilian ones, maybe Bruno
Thanks I will take a look at them when I get round to playing it this afternoon.