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May 25, 2012
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I'm in 2022 with Nottingham Forest, and since like 3 seasons I have been challenging for the title, But every year my team starts to lose it in Febuary-March, and I finish some 10 points of the eventual champion (Man Utd of course). But I concede way too many goals every season.
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If you look at this table, I scored more goals than everyone else, but the next team to concede more goals than me is Stoke, who are 7th.

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I know, my tactics are ultra-attacking, since in truth I only have two players in my entire team with defend duty, but I don't really want to abolish my attacking football, since that is what I always encouraged and will encourage. Is their anything I can change in my team instructions/formation/duties to make my defense better?

Thanks in advance :)