Mar 8, 2013
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Hey up people, hope you're all good. I fancy a challenge so I am going to start a career managing Hinckley United. Predicted to finish bottom, with a squad made up of youngsters (the worst squad in the league), no money and a three point deduction..this could be hard.

I know I won't win every game or probably even half, I just need to stay up..

I need help with:

1) How the **** do you get players to sign on non contract terms? By this I mean players who are better than the dross I already have..?

2) Does anybody know a half decent tactic for the lower leagues?

Cheers. Appreciated.
...or has anybody been Hinckley who can share some advice. I did a search but found nothing.
The best thing you can do mate go to assistant reports any players below 3 stars -release! Then start again look to get loans in from bigger teams! In my st Neots save (now in prem) I got kwesi appiah who banged goals in for fun!

1) I never sign anyone on non contract basis as if they play half decent they will be gone, by releasing some players you should free up some funds!

2)I played a 4-4-2 short passing, closing down always, and pass down flanks,

Hope this helps