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Jul 14, 2010
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My Liverpool save

I'm Currently in my 2nd season with Liverpool. In my first season I won the EPL and the Europa League.

"1st season" Transfers-in: JO, SANTA CRUZ, AARON RAMSEY on loan and GARY CAHILL.

The system i play

Philosophy Very Rigid
Everything on default

I've save each Strategy as seperate tactic. I have tweaked each tactic. My attack tactic I don't play counter attacking and passing focus is down both flanks.
My Defense tactic and Contain tactic I play counter attacking and passing focus is through the middle. My Control tactic I have keept it as default.
With each tactic I have tweaked players free roles.

Player Instructions

Full Backs- Autocmatic duty
Centerbacks both on Central Defender and Defend duty
Both set as Wingers and Attack duty
I have one Advanced Playmaker with a Support duty and a Ball Winning Midfielder with a Defend duty.
I then set one foward as a Deep Lying Foward with a Support duty. The other is an Advance Foward with an Attack duty.

So the system is basic 442.

Now what I do in matches.

Things I take into account, Pre match odds, League standings and form.

If I'm playing at home and I'm Fav to win and depending on league places I start with attack and change things depending on what happens in the match. If I'm a bit lower in the table than my oponents then I'll start with control, if the odds are heavy againts me then I might start with defend.

When playing away I will either start with defend or control again depending on the odds ect...

OP Instructions I always close down and tight mark full backs and wide players.
If they play a DMC then I will close him down
AMC I will tight mark
Lone Foward, in an attacking formation I will tight mark, easy tackling and weaker foot. In a defencive formation I will close him down and tackle hard.

In my 2nd season I am top of the table, league cup semi final, still in the fa cup and the first round of the Champions league.

All thoughts welcome.