Apr 26, 2010
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I have started a game managing Northwood who are currently in the English Southern League First Division (8 Tier). I have just won promotion to tier 7, but am really struggling to find any decent players, I mainly need a real goal machine who will cost me no more than £130 per week, with a wage buget of on £1060, I'm sure you understand what a challenge this is.
It would be next to impossible to attract a 'real' good scoring name to your team, it being so low down on the ladder, I think...

What you could consider is getting some surplus/young strikers from Blue Square National teams on loan, or even a tier below that. Surely there would be a couple who want to come. Then if they have a succesful season, Northwood will become one of the favourite clubs and it will be relatively easy to get them again on loan/transfer.
This is how I worked my way up in the Swedish leagues. :)
Thanks for the tip, but I have found my man, goes my the name Dali Gomez, free from Woking, costs me a wopping £150 pw in wages and at present played 25 scored 19 Assist 4 and a Avr of 7.48. Things are looking rosey as we push for promotion to the Blue Square South League.