Feb 8, 2011
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I apologize for the wall of text beforehand, but I thought some background was needed.

Hi all, this is my first FM game and I'm hooked. I'm really starting to understand most of the concepts but there are a lot of things about my own tactics that seem to not work like some of the ones I download. Because of this I mainly use the downloaded tactics and try to follow the instructions on how to use them well.

I was drawn to using lower league teams because I didn't get a sense of progression with elite teams staying elite so on my main save I chose Burton in nPower league 2. After a couple of saves where I was getting the hang of the game, I started up a new one. For most of the season I used a pretty stock 4-3-3, it served me remotely well. Then I stumbled on Zero Sea's Ghost tactic. I have been using that to great success for 3 Johnstone Paint Trophies, 3rd round in the English FA cup, and 2 promotions in 3 years. Now I'm in the middle of my first season in nPower Champ, sitting at 3rd place.

Now the tactic that was getting me 50-70% possession is struggling to keep above 50%. I have built my team around the tactic as well as I could with my limited resources. I do believe my players are decent enough to compete well in the league.

Anyway, because of the way the current tactic has been producing and the amount of injuries I have at certain positions, I decided to create a tactic where I all my best players on the field doing what they are good at.

I wanted a tactic that had better defense than pure attacking power. Doing so with high possession and hard nosed defenders. Goals would come from the domination of possession. I chose a defensive 4-3-3.

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I'm modeling it after the Ghost tactic by having narrow width and trying to keep a high d-line, a quick tempo to the get short passes out quick with little creative playmaking needed.

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While using this tactic, I end up having 40-30% possession, 50-60% passing. Most bad passes come from the defenders giving up long passes or them clearing balls down field. Most of the action ends up being at my goal with them having 15-25 shots. While they are having a hard time scoring because of long shots, they do get a lot of lucky flukes but that's bound to happen with so many chances.

So I would like to get help on this. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask. I have used other download tactics as a reference but I must be missing something.

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