Help with striker roles with Man City


Jun 6, 2009
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Background Story:
So here goes, I'm playing a network game against a friend, it gets pretty competetive between us and I'm playing for pride. I'm Man City at the moment, he said it's okay because he's playing as Spurs and he gets Champions League in first season. (I don't usually use Man City because they get too much money).

So anyway, I have a good team. I haven't invested in any new strikers because I have Balotelli, Tevez and Adebayor. I have a good tactic, 4-4-2 with AMR/AML wingers, I usually get about 7 clear cut chances and they're not converting very many goals. My strikers find themselves 1 on 1 a lot, and they also get many crosses fed to them.

I need help with the following scenarios:

1) Playing Balotelli and Adebayor upfront together. What should I do? Who should I play on the left and who on the right? Who should be a target man? What should the other one be, a complete forward? etc.

2) Playing Tevez with either Balotelli or Adebayor together upfront. I think it's pretty obvious that I should play Balotelli or Adebayor as a target man or advanced forward, what should Tevez's role be?

So in a nutshell, tell me how I can get the best results when playing with each of these scenarios, I don't need an in depth analysis, just needs to be simple suggestion of how these players play best with each other.
I have Muniain who's up and coming, I'll eventually get rid of Ade and buy Dzeko.
When you sign Dzeko play him as a complete forward and play tevez as a poacher , before that play Adebayor as a complete forward and stick balotelli out wide