Help with tactics for Fulham please?


Dec 16, 2008
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Ok I don't know if this is in the right place so don't shoot me but I've just bought FM11 and started a season with Fulham, I have bought James McFadden, Christopher Samba, Seb Corchia, Matty Taylor, Andy Carrol and Charlie Adam. So obviously I have spent a fair bit on the squad. I have tried out a simple direct counter attacking 4-3-3 formation and a good training method downloaded from this forum. BUT I am doing absolutely terrible, played 5 league games and won 0 drawn 2 and lost 3, all against pretty straight forward teams apart from the first game which was Arsenal away.

Anyone else got any suggestions with Fulham, how can I resurrect my team from this state and turn them into a decent winning side?

Thanks :)
Sounds like you've lost your dressing room. You gotta make sure the players give 110% all the the time. The squad is in transition and needs time to settle and adjust. Just remember its a game of two halves.
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