Aug 9, 2009
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Im having a nightmare with getting any type of results and end up getting sacked before half the season is over and im not sure why, ive tried several tactics out each waiting untill there fluid in all areas but i cant do right for doing wrong, the latest teams ive been are Liverpool & Psg and the last to tactics ive tried are the arrigo sachi & a barca tiki takka, not sure if its since the last patch or what but ill maybe win my first 2-3 games then be lucky to draw a game after that, any advice or info would be gratefully received as im losing my love for the game!
hey bud, FM13 is SO much more than plugging in a downloaded tactic, hitting spacebar and expecting to win every game...

There are so many guides and helpful threads here on the forums, I suggest going through them all and then go back and try again :)

good luck mate
I must admit im not used to fm 2013 but have played all the others loads but this evolution is alot different.