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Nov 19, 2010
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I don't know whether this has already been covered but I can't find a similar post.

I'm trying to get all the top teams, e.g. Barce, Real, Inter, in the Premier League along with the the main 6 teams.
However, when I start the game there is a warning sign next to the English, French, Spanish, German and Italian leagues and I am unable to select them. The sign says that there is a team in the league with the wrong nation set- so I change all the foreign clubs' nationality to their repective league nationality (e.g. Fulham to French, Lyon to English when swapped).
But, still nothing and the same warning sign. I go back into the editor to see what's going on and the clubs that I have swapped have somehow swapped back again- Fulham (still French) has gone back into the Prem!

I've attached the data so you could have a look at it. Thanks in advance.