Jan 27, 2013
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anyone got some tips to build a lower team up and make them more wealthy to expand?
The best way to make them more wealthy is to get promoted.
- Promotions and good cup runs help to improve income and reputation.
- Signing free players and youth prospects with potential re-sale value is a useful money maker.
- Arranging preseason friendlies against top opposition can draw big crowds and give you a nice cash injection.
- Get a top parent club to allow you to get good loan players and build a good relationship with them to help sign them in the future.
- Offload the high earners that may be crippling your wage budget.
- Target players with high physical stats rather than technical ones, especially strikers with pace, as they will prove vital in your push for promotion
thank you :) these tips will help me out so much, i understood that promotion was what i needed to achieve but just wasn't possible with the team and the players i had, i tried signing free transfers but didnt really work, what would you judge as high earners? more then 2k a week wages or? and what should you try keep it under? i found with young decent players, that they could still be quite expensive as well. cheers mate
It really depends on the finances of the club in question, but I would say that £2k+ is a big chunk of your budget and you have to judge whether that could be better spent elsewhere. I always look to loan from the top division as these youngsters are too good for lower league level and you can sometimes sign them after a season or two at your club.
i aim to only use between 60-75%, however if you NEED to use that extra to get promotion or stay in the division then do it.
yes i agree, how do you loan from top divisions successfully? if your a league 2 team? just get a loan report on the whole team or?