Feb 19, 2012
Reaction score
Me and my friend are playing an online game and the game crashed on us during our match against each other witch come very well decide the title. We can't agree how to continue the game as he thinks he should be award the win and I don't and I think we should replay the game from the start. It crashed in the 70th min with him leading 1-0 he thinks because he was winning he should be award the win but the game had time to change and I had time to draw or win it. So we have come onto the forum to help you guys decide we have decided 4 options of how its going to happen. 1 he wins 2 draw 3 we play the game and take what ever result comes or 4 we both let our assistant managers take control and the will decided it so we are looking for 6 people to make the vote so if u want to vote post a message saying you would like to vote and my and my friend will pick 3 people each to make the vote and we will finally know what's going to happen
i vote you replay the game with the same line-up and tactics
im the other guy reason i will not do a reply from start as if he lose which he was he be out the title race if he was to win it would put him back in it and screw me over if the game was half tiem and 0-0 i gladly do a eply but it was 70 mins and when i scored i started to be the better team no sayin hew cudt of scored but i also could of scored
We can't play Same squads as when we first played the game was never delayed but we played on and the game has since been delayed like 6 weeks
then just play the game and let the better manager win. consider it a game abandonment for x,y or z reason and do what a game abondonment in real life would do. over the course of the season the better manager will prevail