Jan 5, 2006
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I'm Newcastle (obviously) and I need a good striker to replace Shearer. I'm in December 05 and shearer is banging them in all over, he's already scored 22 goals in the premiership but he's retiring at the end of the season and av hardlys got any money. any1 know a top notch striker who i can get 4 about 1.5 mil?
John Hartson. Might be getting old but he is younger than Shearer and always seems to want away from Celtic.
thanks mate
has any1 ever heard of hernan peirone
is he ny good?
17 yr old from Argentina he is a good player but s he good enough to replace Shearer?
well ive had to get chris sutton on a free cos shearers injured till the end of the season so theres him buggered!!
oft, you must have been desperate. Don't you have Michael Owen playing aswell?
You can try Sinama Pongolle, although I would really tell you it'd be better to sell Owen for about 10 and get Tardelli and some spare guy.

Truth be told I never liked Owen on FM/CM.
Sergio aguero

absoloutly amazing!! bought him from independiente in argentina. after seeing him on some tv show 17 years old next maradonna.

got him for 7mil for my man utd and preston team. wont get work permit first time round but appeal and he will