Mar 17, 2009
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Ive just downloaded the new patch but I have no idea what to do next??

I try to run it, but it just say "not valid win32"

cheers jake
If you've ran it with steam, it automatically updates itself, and you've ****** up your FM if you've done so. If you have ran it with steam and put the new patch on, you have to reinstall
no ive downloaded fm via disc, so i downloaded 1.2 patch on footballmanger.com just no idea what to do now!
I had something similar when I downloaded the latest patch. How big is the file you downloaded?
theaceofspades - no i dont have steam

CorvetteC3 - its 82,918 kb
you sure you downloaded the right patch version ie: 2.1 pc disc and not the bytesheild one or a mac one

the patch file should be 186 mb, 82,918 kb is only 83 mb
that's what i went on, so im downloading again now
Make sure you click, PC boxed version. (uunless you are using a mac.)