Dec 10, 2010
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I am boston Utd trying to get promoted lots of time to the eventual premier league

i have used most of my wage budget and now i can only offer £80 per week i need a striker or midfielder can anypne help
Bring a few loan players in and dont pay there wages,

Bring Daniel Powell in on loan from MK Dons beast
will search him thanks my highest loaned player available was worth 50k so i was put off loans by that will try though
daniel powell is a RM need CM or Striker

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let me know if you get him

i have abdeltareck sakali in RM

any ideas for CM or striker
He can play as a striker look at positions also try Woods from Chelsea
powell bid rejected woods bid accepted but need to see if he accepts the contract
woods rejected and the left mid iwas gona sign cancelled so i need a LM and a ST
and a midfielder yeah,

Mesca - Chelsea
Andras Simon - Liverpool
Antonio German - QPR
Tamer Tuna - Charlton
Try looking at league 1 and 2 clubs and there reserves, look to loan
panic over reduced the wage budget and should be signign

will grocott LM/CM
francis zenaba DM/CM
tony boto ST
mark canning CB (for cover)