Jan 29, 2011
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Every time i start a new game i start with 0 transfer funds, this is the same for every club i choose, this did not happen initially and has only started to occur recently, does anyone know what is causing this to happen and if so how can it be fixed?????
When you start the game there is an option to enable the first transfer window.
unsusre what you mean here friend, there is no option like this when i hit the start new game tab
It is after that. It is after you select what countries you want active. It is with a bunch of other options like whether you want real players, attribute masking ect.
thankyou very much, you are a hero, that has fixed my problem, its been annoyin me for days now, i have tried uninstalling and re installing so may times, thanks
After you have selected nations to play with you get this screen - i have boxed in white the transfer budget box
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