Aug 24, 2012
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This tactic will get you goals for sure! The play is direct and fast, like Dortmund under Klopp. It has been tested with Porto, Blackpool and Napoli. Results from the Napoli and Porto saves are shown in the screenshots below.

MATCH PREPERATION: Left to assistant.

SHOUTS: If the team is struggling in possession, then use 'Retain possession'
If you are a goal behind use the 'Get ball forward' and 'hassle opponents' shouts.
If you are two goals or more behind use the 'pump ball into box' and 'push higher up'

GK: Any good goalkeeper will do the trick, with good kicking and command of the area.

CB'S: A strong centre back with good positioning, tackling, marking and heading. EG. Otamendi and Vidic.

RWB AND LWB: These players need to be fast, have a high work rate, be good crossers of the ball as well as being able to tackle. EG. Alex Sandro and Danilo.

CDM: A good anchor man. Someone who can tackle and has good teamwork. EG. Kara/Fernando.

CM's: These players need to be technically very good in order to control the game from the middle of the pitch in order to create something for those in front of them. These players need good teamwork, technique, composure and passing. EG. jack Wilshire.

AMC: This player needs to be good on the ball and good technically. This player should have good technique, flair, passing, vision and teamwork. EG. Wellington Nem.

DLF: This position needs a player who has good pace, acceleration, is a good finisher and has good teamwork. EG. Carlos Fierro.

AF: For this role you will need someone who has good composure, finishing and off the ball. EG. Falcao.

I hope you have success with the tactic as I and a friend have had... Message me if you have any questions about the tactic and I will happily answer/give feedback.

I would like to hear about your experiences and what improvements I can make for V2 of the tactic...

Images and the download is found in this link:
Henry_8597 2-3-2-1-2 perfection - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats
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