Jan 3, 2009
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Evening Chaps

Starting off as Hereford and man is this difficult, nobody wants to talk to me (players) and we have very little in terms of transfer funds.

Can anybody recomend any players that will make a difference for Hereford.
I would say request a parent club hopefully you get a half decent team to send you kids out on loan!

Free transfers try

Craig Mcshea
Andrew Milne

Both youngsters without clubs! and are pretty decent for smaller teams!

hey, ive just got hereford promoted in my first season based on some lovely loan signing and using bauza and fleetwood exclusively up front,

straight up 442 with fliud style, standard playing style not attacking or defensive just bog standard, leave training as it is except for forwards where u want to make a new schedule, concentrate on attacking/shooting on high priority and strength/aerobic/tactic on medium, nothing else matters for a forward, overall the training schedule should be just about medium on the very of going into heavy.

good players for you are dani palencia (free) martin camano
(free) and get some loans in as well like kirk millar and matthew lund and julio santa cruz.

another tip for getting good players on loan is just get the premier league up, click on any team u fancy, and have a gander at some non first teamers and ask if you can take them on loan, unless they are worth 2 million plus they should be happy to come to you for some experience especially if they are young
I play with Hereford too, but I am now 1st in the league.

I aimed at a strong midfield, and usually playing a counter strategy on a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

Early on the pre-season we made a partnership with Leeds which gave us A. Simmons, which I play wonderfully as a ball winning midfielder.

M. Lunt and M. Lund are also two formidable players which support the strategy.

When you want to be more aggressive you can move to a 4-5-1 : on the right you have Colbeck, which is menacing with his high pace, while on the other side you will have to find someone else, as the team hasn't a real option on the left side.

On the left side, I snatched T.Williams which was free in january, and have him play a wingback attacking role.

Money has never been a problem as I aimed everything on zero parameter and free loans.
If you need AML Robbie Brady should come on loan, he has been doing great for me when i got him for free in L1.

If you need a MC, consider Nathan Rooney.

For CB sign Oliver Nicholas, so far my best one and has done an amazing job for me in BSP.

For AMC/ST sign Kehoane you can find him in Ireland U21.

A decent FB is Jenkinson from Finland U21.

Hope it helps.
Febian brandy free at start of game just offer agent highest fee you can |)
i signed Robbie Brady and he scored me 5 goals in 3 games and 4 in 2 in the carling cup well worth the buy :)
can anyone tell me what roles to play players in
Chris James from NZ on a free has proved a great signing for me|)