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Dec 12, 2010
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FC Sao Paulo

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Full Name: Sao Paulo Futebol Club
Nickname: Tricolor Paulista
Founded : 25 January, 1930
Stadium : Morumbi (Capacity : 67.428)
Chairman : Juvenal Juvencio (loves the club)
Current Manager : Paulo Cesar Carpegiani
League : Serie A
Reputation : Continental
Status : professional

Sao Paulo is the first team in Brazil which won the national title 3 times in a row and is the current record-holding champion with 6 titles. Your expectations aren’t the lowest and it’s up to you to fulfill them. Sao Paulo has a great youth academy, probably one of the best in the world, from which players like Luis Fabiano, Kaka, Cicinho, Cafu and newest star of the italian Serie A Hernanes came. So let's have a look at the FC Sao Paulo.

Expectations :

You only have the choice between :
-title challenge (£350k/19,75 mio p/a)
-winner (£425k/22 mio p/a)

If you think you will be able to win the title, which isn’t impossible, than you should take the winner option. However you can increase your budget by selling players and asking the boardroom.


Assistant Manager: Milton Cruz
1st Team Coach: Carlinhos Neves
Coaches: Vizolli, Sergio Rocha
GK Coaches: Marinho, Haroldo Lamounier, Luizinho, Lucas
Youth Coaches: Pignataro, de Oliveira, ze Sergio, Lima, Galvao, Bruno Petri, Sergio Baresi
Physio: de Eston Armon, Lazzarato, Donati, Rayel, Pereira de Souza, Rosan, Sasaki, Gaspar, Sanchez
Scouts: Gomes, Gimenez

Your Assistant manager is pretty good, so you should keep him. The coaches are good, but you’ll need more if you want the right training for your players. Surprisingly you have a few good goalkeeping coaches. However you should get rid of at least one of them. Luizinho is probably the best. The youth coaches are decent, but not more. Lima Sergio Baresi and Ze Sergio are the best youth coaches you have. You will remark that you have a lot of physios, but most of them aren’t good enough for Sao Paulo, so there will be reason for a change. Although the number of physios is very large, you’ll only find 2 scouts. Both aren’t that bad, but I recommend you to sign another few.



-GK Coach: Lucas
-Youth Coach: Pignataro, de Oliveira
-Physios: Donati, Pereira de Souza, Lazzarato, Eston Armon, (Luiz Gaspar)


-Youth Coach: Jose Carlos Queiroz (Bahia)
-Scout: Newton Motta (Bahia), Ayres Albuquerque (free), Aldo França (Bahia)
-Fitness Coach: Fabio Mahseredjian (Internacional), Luiz Bergamo (Nautico)
-Physios: Rodrigo Lasmar, Paraiso Forti

These are only some suggestions, if you want to spend less money don’t take them all.


Firstly I recommend you to download LFC Marshall’s transfer update, because some players have different stats and some players changed the club.


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Rogerio Ceni, Bosco, Denis

Rogerio Ceni is your first choice. Although he is an old keeper, it would be a mistake to sell him. He is one of the legends at the club and the fans would be very angry with you. He is currently the best goalkeeper at the club and like in real life where he is the goalkeeper who scored the most with 100 goals, he has great stats in freekick taking and penalty taking.
Denis is also a good goalkeeper, but you only need him as back-up. Bosco isn’t good enough, so you should sell him.


In: /
Out: Bosco (sell or release him)
Youth prospect: Eduardo


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Junior Cesar, Ilsinho, Rafael, Thiago Carleto, Diogo, Nelson Saavedra (on loan)

With Carleto and Diogo you have two young left backs who have similar stats. Junior Cesar is much older and you don’t really need him. The main problem is on the right position. You only have 2 players who are naturally on this position, but Rafael isn’t good enough and Nelson is just on loan. So you need to retrain Ilsinho as right back and he will be very good.


In: Danilo from Santos (montly installements), Romario, Hyago
Out: Rafael
Youth Prospect: Lucas

Centre Backs:

View attachment 140453

Miranda, Xandao, Renato Silva, Alex Silva (on loan from HSV), (Casemiro)

It’s one of your best positions with Miranda, Xandao and Alex Silva. You could also use Casemiro as central defender. Renato Silva is just a decent back-up.


In: /
Out: Renato Silva (if you need money)
Youth Prospect: Bruno Uvini, Fabio, Luiz Eduardo, Marcelo

Defensive Midfield/Central Midfield:

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Rodrigo Souto, Renan, Casemiro, Wellington, Richarlyson, Jorge Wagner, Jean, Cleber Santana, Carlinhos Paraiba

Your best players here are Casemiro, Wellington and Jean. They are young and will develop into really good players. Players like Richarlyson, Jorge Wagner Cleber Santana, Paraiba, Souto are getting old and you could get rid off them. Renan is young, but he won’t turn into a good player.


In: Alan Patrick, Wellington Nem (more offensive midfielders), Fidelio Martinez
Out: Richarlyson, Renan, Carlinhos Paraiba
Youth Prospect: Ze Vitor, Mirrai, Filipe

Offensive Midfield:

View attachment 140451

Lucas, Marlos, Mazola, Sergio Mota, (Fernandinho, Carlinho Paraiba)

As you see there aren’t many offensive midfielders, but the players you have are good enough. Lucas is obviously your best player. He is very versatile and can play on both flanks and even as a central striker. Marlos Mazola and Sergio Mota are also young and they will turn into fantastic players. Use those who fit more in your tactic. Attention: You need to offer Lucas a new contract, because he has a £3.6 mio release clause and many clubs like Barça, Real, Inter and Manu want him.


In: Zezinho ( if you have enough money)
Out: /
Youth Prospect: Mirrai and Filipe (already mentioned)


View attachment 140450

Fernandinho, Lucas Gaucho, Dagoberto, Fernandao, Ricardo Oliveira (on loan from Al-Jazeera)

You have pretty good strikers in form of Dagoberto, Lucas Gaucho and Ricardo Oliveira. Fernandao and Fernandinho are also good and you can use them as back-up.


In: Ze Eduardo, Diego Tardelli, Caio, Thiago Ribeiro, Diego Mauricio (all only with monthly installements)
Out: Ricardo Oliveira (if you want to secure your wage budget as you have good striker to replace him)
Youth Prospect: Lucas Piazon (offer him contract immediately), Alfredo, Thiago Biriça


Sao Paulo normally plays with a 4-2-2-2 like this here:

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If you want to learn more about this tactic, have a look at these sites:



Most of the brazilian teams use a similar tactic, so as they have a huge weakness against teams which play with wingers/inside forwards, I recommend you my tactic. It is a 4-2-4 with which I had great success.


LB-fullback (support)
CB-central defender (defend)
CB-central defender (defend)
RB-fullback (attack)

DM-anchor man (defend)
CM-advanced playmaker (support)
AMR-inside forward (support)
AML-inside forward (support)

STCL-deep lying forward (attack)
STCR-advanced forward (attack)

View attachment 140864


Here is also a good shortlist for brazilian players (made by GodCubed):


I hope you enjoyed the guide which took me a lot of effort, because it's the first I've ever made. Don't be too harsh with my english. I am not used to write english. If there are any mistakes, don't hold back to correct me.

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Mar 18, 2009
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Ye thnx for this mate...Should hopefully make my managing in Brazil a little more successful!!

Cheers (K)

P.s Your English is a lot better than my Spanish lol (Just noticed your "excuse my English" comment)
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Dec 12, 2010
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If somebody uses my tactic, it would be great if he could show me his results.