Jan 14, 2010
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Fletcher sacked by Plymouth owner James Brent.

Argyle fans will have woken up to the news that Carl Fletcher has eventually been sacked as Argyle manager despite keeping the club in the football league against all the odds following administration and 1 point from the first 9 games but however James Brent believes that a new approach is needed and crave someone who can get the club back into the championship. This is what James Brent had to say.

I would like to thank Carl for all his hard work and determination during his time here and I am sure he will remain a club legend by the fans and we wish him well for what ever he persues in the future unless he takes over them greasy hino b*stards Exeter

On the other hand Carl Fletcher had the following to say
Well yano I'm dissapointed to be leaving but errr yano *scratches chin* James Brent wants what is best for the club so yano I've err got to take it on the chin yano

As news broke out that Fletcher has left his position at Argyle many Plymouth fans had mixed views on the matter, the website where they aired views is at the most contriversal site in the world Pasoti (Plymouth Argyle supporters on the internet) and this is what some known posters had to say.

Connor Clark:
Sad news Fletcher has been a great servant to the club and has been nothing but an insperation for me and one day I want to be exactly like him, all the best Fletch!

Cobi Budge:
I have a tear to my eye as I write this but I am devestated to see such a legend depart Home Park, his courage and silky skills will remain in my w*nk bank forever thank you and goodbye Fletch you PAFC LEGEND

Let the speculation on that vulgar tw*tter website beging. Bah f*cking humbug.

Oh sh*t I better get a new mural
The latest betting odds for the next Argyle manager are as followed:
Colin Lee - 2/1.
Mark McGhee - 4/1.
Andy Thorne - 6/1.
Lawrie Sanchez - 7/1.
Romain Larrieu - 8/1.
Phil Brown - 8/1.
Keith Hill - 8/1.
Jim Magilton - 12/1.
Mick Hardord - 16/1.
Sean Dyche - 20/1.
Paul Ince - 20/1.
Dave Bassett - 20/1.
Liam Daish - 20/1.
Iain Dowie - 28/1

To be continued...

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haha, love my quote in there steve, very realistic ;) I don't like some of the names on those betting odds though!
....He's David Frio's number two!
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So who can honestly say they saw that coming eh? The great man following the steps of previous manager Carl Fletcher! In what seems a suprise appointment it appears that owner James Brent has the upmost faith in Friio to bring back the good times to Home Park and hopes he can get the the mighty greens playing sexy free flowing football becoming the lower league Barcelona! The already club legend will be under a lot of pressure by the board and fans to deliver at Argyle as everyone involved with the club do not want to be involved another relegation fight and will want to be seen challenging at the higher end of the table.

This is what Friio had to say in his first live press interview:
Well I am truely humble and delighted to be back at this great club and I am sure that with the support of the amazing green army and the correct backing from the owner we can get out of the league in the way that we want, a club like this should never find itself in danger of losing football league status and despite having no managerial experience I have learnt a lot off the great Sir Alex Ferguson and his hands on approach which is something I will look to implement here! I will speak to the chairman about transfers coming in and out and one thing we both know for sure is that Nick Chadwick will be leaving the club. Jesus christ he's aids isn't he?! What the **** possed the old gaffer to give him another year of scuffing shots from 2 yards out and blocking our own attempts on goal! He's what we call in France 'merde'

Key Players
Maxime Blanchard- First choice centre back, solid league 2 player and will get into most if not all teams!
Conor Hourihane- Labled as the Irish sensation, will be our first name on the team sheet as we will rely on the playmaker a lot.
[h=3]Onismor Bhasera- Probably the best left back in the league and is on the lips of a host of championship clubs.[/h]Rhys Griffiths- Beasty targetman which is always a good thing to have in League 2 and will be relyed upon to get on the end of crosses and assist as well at the same time, no pressure Rhys...
Matt Lecointe ended up a really good player for me in my Plymouth save!
Matt Lecointe ended up a really good player for me in my Plymouth save!

Gonna try and get him some valid game time in this save and yes this story is still going ahead just had problems with my laptop recently and fm slowed it down but its sorted now!