Sep 8, 2012
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This Is My PSG Story, Hope you enjoy reading it...

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Ancelotti OUT! PSG board have had enough!

PSG Chairman, Nasser Al-Khelaifi today announced the departure of the club's manager, Carlo Ancelotti, Al-Khelaifi said he was "sad to see Carlo go, but felt he wasn't matching the standards required for a top-class manager". PSG have started the hunt for a new manager and the bookmakers have tipped the Argentine Carlos Bilardo as the odds-on favourite to get the job. Al-Khelaifi has today said there "may be a surprise in-store for the fans". Many PSG fans have gathered outside the Parc des Princes waiting in expectation to get a glimpse of the new manager.

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Devlin, PSG's New Manager Seen Here (11) In action for his country last season

PSG have appointed the former Celtic, Manchester United, Arsenal, PSG and Real Madrid attacking midfielder, Lewis Devlin as their new manager, fans are said to be jubilant with the decision to appoint their former captain as the new boss. David Beckham has said on a tweet today "yes! so happy the new boss is one of my best mates, can't wait to work with him!" he ended his tweet with a hash-tag which said #vivelarévolution. PSG's boardroom seem happy with the decision and Devlin himself is said to be "Over The Moon".

My Analysis Update Follows :)

My Key Players & Transfer Targets!View attachment 328760

Key Players:

View attachment 328761 Salvatore Sirigu - Goalkeeper
Sirigu is a world-class keeper, i'm astounded he's not been bought by one of the prem's top 4! but then again he is on a £50,000 a week deal, and for a goalkeeper that's quite a few pennies...but i'd pay anything to get him into my squad...thankfully i don't have to, he's already there. with a whopping 17 handling and 17 reflexes, he's no doubt one of the best in the game, and definetly my best goalkeeper, by far...

View attachment 328764 Thiago Silva - Central Defender
Thiago Silva, wow! what can i say, the guy has higher pace than Didier Drogba...and he's a striker? He has amazing tackling and composure. he's a definite key player this season, i'd hate to lose him to injury, but there's no way on earth i'll sell him, not for 1 hundred million pounds, or two hundred for that matter, guy's a beast and i think the new PSG captain...if i don't give it to my best mate Becks!

View attachment 328763 Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Striker
IBRAAAAAAA! this guy is a beast, he's had an amazing career so far...because he's an amazing player with world class stats, with a whopping 20 strength and balance, 18 finishing and penalty taking, he's a definite beast, and you'll see in the transfer targets who i think is the perfect strike partner for IBRA!

View attachment 328772 David Beckham - Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder Right, Right Midfielder.
Becks, Becks Becks, the man has it all! he's a possible captain for the season, he's got a whopping 20 crossing and 19 passing, he's definetly going to be my number one play-maker he's going to control the midfield and and launch game-winning attacks, oh, and he'll definetly be on free-kicks too...if IBRA lets him that is...

Transfer Targets:

View attachment 328773 Radamel Falcao - Striker - Atletico Madrid - Value = £26m Transfer Value = Around £40m
he's perfect for IBRA's Strike partner, they will be banging in the goals! he's a world-class player and he's perfect for my team, his stats are very good too with an amazing 20 heading and 19 finishing, he can definetly get on the end of a Beckham cross...let's just hope we can get him...

View attachment 328775 Adriano - Left/Right Back, Left/Right Midfielder, Left/Right Attacking Midfielder - Barcelona - Value = £12m Transfer Value = Between £8 and £11 million
he is perfect, he can play anywhere, if i need a position filled, he's the number one man, he'll be my first choice left back if i get him. His stats are good too with 15 acceleration and 16 stamina, he can get up but he can also get back in time to defend, he's a must buy!

So that's it for this part, i'll be back soon with the pre season update and all the transfers for the start of the season!
im sure i will follow looks class good idea never been them before so might start now
Hope you do well mate 8-|
How much wonga do have to splash around?
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Pre-Season Update From Le PSG

PSG v PSG Reserves
(w) 3-1
Lucas (32), Pastore (46), Ibrahimovic (58)
what a game this was, 3 fantastic goals and it's nice to see the reserves are able to put up a fight and ****** one back, it's good knowing they're a good team so if any of my players get injured i can turn to the reserves with confidence and know they will deliver! anyway, the goals were good, the passing was outstanding, sending through balls up to IBRA! on his own up top, he was just latching on to them, the only bad thing is it should have been about 9-1 not 3-1, IBRA! just wasn't getting the shots past the keeper, who had a brilliant game, except from conceding 3 goals he was exceptional, if he hadn't conceded then im sure he would have been Man Of The Match!
My MOTM: Lucas Moura, he was on fire, getting on the score sheet and getting 2 assists, lets hope he keeps it up!
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FC Gratkorn
(w) 2-0
Falcao (30,40)
What a game, Falcao, Falcao, Falcao, you were definetly worth the money i spent on you! he was absolutely outstanding, he provided the 2 goals for the win, but also provided IBRA! with countless opportunities to get on the score sheet, i'm so surprised he didn't score, but anyway i played them both up front, let's hope IBRA's! form picks up or i'll stick Falcao upfront himself...maybe we'd get the form we need to start the season, but so far its 2 wins from 2, can't complain, can i?
My MOTM: Falcao he played like a god, he's amazing so far!
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Tigres v PSG
(L) 2-0
Turns out i can complain! absolutely shocking? TIGRES? TIGRES? TIGRES? Who the F*ck are TIGRES? I don't know but they seemed to have us in their back pocket the whole game? I don't know what happened in the game, we just seemed as though we couldn't be bothered at all. But hey ho, have to rally the troops for the next game!
My MOTM: Nobody deserves it.
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PSG v Tottenham Hotspur
(w) 2-0
Falcao (7) Thiago Motta (86)
well, this was a much better game for us! I guess I successfully rallied the troops! but down to business, Falcao slotted home a perfectly placed shot from 6 yards out as the Spurs defence made a blunder and Falcao was chasing the ball down, an unsuccessful pass back by Dawson lead to Falcao latching onto the ball, taking it round Hugo Lloris, and slotting it home from 6 yards out. Thiago Motta on the other hand, he had it all to do, he picked up the ball after a Spurs corner, ran up just past the halfway line, and saw Lloris was off his line, he struck the ball thunderously and it flew in to the middle of the net, a perfect combination of a chip with power, Lloris had no chance, but yeah, I'm really pleased with the efforts of the team today.
My MOTM: Thiago Motta, he played amazing, and that goal! oh!
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(W) 4-3
Ibrahimovic (11,49) Beckham (pen 21) Falcao (45)
well, what an amazing game, i thought it could honestly go either way, and it was going all HSV untill half time, with their 2-0 lead at the break, then we scored making it 2-1 then again making it 2-2 and then they scored (3-2) and we found the determination to get 2 goals and win the match, it was an amazing effort from the boys! i am so pleased with their determination and never give up attitude! AMAZING! only downfall is that Ibrahimovic is injured and out for 2-3 weeks...oh no, but thank god we bought Falcao.
My MOTM: David Beckham, he played amazing, he was on fire, and set up a few goals too! well done Becks!
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Charlton Athletic v PSG
(w) 4-0
Jallet (39) Lucas (41) Pastore (52) Falcao (82)
so this game was decent, i know it was a 4-0 win but it was basically a training game before the start of the season, and it went well! really happy with the way the players played just annoyed we couldn't score before 39 minutes, but we kept possession well and didn't really attack in the first half. all-in-all a good game!
My MOTM: Lucas, he played well and set up a few goals!
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Now on to TRANSFERS:
Radamel Falcao (IN)Atletico Madrid£52m, £12 upfront and £40m over 48months
Adriano (IN)FC Barcelona£9.5m
Alphonse Areola (OUT)AA GentLOAN
Jeremy Menez (OUT)Real Madrid£7.5m

so thats it for this update guys!, please like, and read on!
next to come:
august update with final transfers and start of league 1 with UCL groups stages.

thanks for reading hope you enjoy it, tell me how to improve and if you'd like to see anything else added to this thread! :)