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Hey guys, I signed up on the previous forums but couldn't be arsed going to my hotmail to activate my account. :eek:

I'm also known as JonnyB around some of the Scene (CM.co.uk, FootyGamer etc) I am the founder and original skipper of CMAddicted/Rehab and soon to be Admin of FMRehab (I'm sure SupaJ has already slabbered his gums about this :D ).

I look forward to a great time here. I'm sure this will be a thriving community in no time. ;)
Welcome to the fold, good luck with the new site when it opens. :)
welcome, im not new myself, but i can pretend.
Welcome to the fold JB. Hope you stick around and post a bit.
Hi Jonny, I recognize you from Rehab etc...
Sean said:
Hi Jonny, I recognize you from Rehab etc...

Yeah, ain't been a regular on the Scene until lately, bores me at the best of times (apart from FMBase of course :D ).

I normally just posted at Rehab but since it got hacked I decided to have a look around.
that got hacked too? are there professional hackers going around at the min?!
Aye they hacked the AddictedHost so they managed to take down us and a few other FM/CM fansites.

Ah well, Rehab needed a fresh start anyway and I think this is it. :D