Hi all from Football Manager Handheld 2013 user


Mar 25, 2013
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Just got FMH2013 and love it - anyone who knows FMH2013 may be able to help me out with managing my reserve team.

I posted my first post in FMH forum - see below.
Hope to come back here soon to a plethora of replies and help!!!!

cheers guys

Hi all,

First post - go easy on me!!

I've got FMH2013 and my android tablet and loving it - everything is superb, except one thing....

controlling The Reserve team!!!!

When I click on the general info of the reserve team tab it says there is no manager of the reserve team and the fixtures page is completely blank.
My reserves and demoted players are just sitting there doing nothing and frankly, for the amount I'm ****** paying the lazy sods I want them to get some games in.

Basically, how do I take control of managing the reserve team, arranging their formation and generally sorting them games/fixtures out like I do the first team. Even if I can't do that how do I get a manager in to do that.

Please help cause they need to get some match practice and ain't touching my first team until they do.

Many thanks in advance to any help you may give