Hidden Attribute Viewer - No editing


Mar 27, 2009
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Hi guys! I start this thread because of my great desire for a hidden attribute viewer for FM 2011. I understand the tool is not available this season. I personally believe this was the top tool ever made for FM lovers because it did nt alter the game experience as significantly as most tools do. I loved the fact that i only used it to check out CA and PA attributes, never exiting the game screen. I am not at all interested in editing any other aspect of the game and i do nt like having to run a whole other programme (now i m using real time editor) just to do that! Is there any case a new one comes out? Are there any people with the same opinion as mine? I would be glad to hear from you! Enjoy the game!
Do have a link of the FM10 version? I haven't heard anything like that for FM11
It was available only for fm 10 as far as i know. Must be at the fm 10 downloads in this site!