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Sep 6, 2012
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Hi fellow FM Managers
i am wondering who else has had luck with geting one of your players to become a World Player of the Year in FM13.
I have gotten one of my players to become World Player of the Year who was Carlos Fierro.
Below are my screen shots of what he has achived for me. Plus the formations used.
The first formation is from
[h=2]EDK QPR Legendary Playmakers/False 9[/h]I had ood succses with this tactic had very high key passes a seeson but was exposed on the wings and defence and also had way 2 many shots off target from easy goal scoring positions.

The secound 1 is
** Goals & Glory *********JASSAR****13.3.3***

Had vey good time with this tactic as i was able to use a winger system. I had to sell key players to adapt to this formation and was very sucsesfull had a season unbeaten with it but key passes was down but i got over that :) Carlos became World Player of the Year aswell with this tactic
View attachment 372768View attachment 372767View attachment 372769View attachment 372771View attachment 372770View attachment 372772

My current formation i am trying is a dimoned formation. Key passes is high but 2 expose on the wings.
Id like to find out who else has had a player become a World Player of the Year with thier formation and would really like some input into another formation i could use to achive a World Player of the Year
Please leave a comment. This is my first Thread Post :)