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Highs & Lows of FM16


Oct 5, 2009
Preamble: I've played CM/FM since 98 and normally buy every other FM, so was chuffed when I bought FM16. I ran a Spurs save until 23/24 before it ran into an error that forced me to start another save. I picked up Wigan am currently in 24/25 and doing well.

1. New rivals being developed (Wigan v Man U!), love that little feature
2. Being able to ask your player to sack his agent for asking for a pay rise, and them always agreeing to do so
3. Surviving the sack during a board take over.
4. Learning the patterns of conversations with players who feel they arent playing enough, so I could stretch it out over a season or more before I sold them.
5. Having Chelsea players throw their toys out the pram when Chelsea rejected offers from my Wigan team "<player> wants to move to a bigger club". Most amusing.
6. Having 3 spurs players (Onomah, Winks, Walker-Peters) on loan help me win promotion to the Championship in my first season with Wigan and then slowly signing all three of them over the course of the following 3 seasons (Walker-Peters is currently 5 games away from making a club-record number of league appearances at just 26).

1. Board asking me to select an affiliate for youth produce (Boca) and then vetoing it after consideration as it would be "detrimental to the club" despite my £150m bank balance.
2. A takeover-related transfer embargo covering my entire summer transfer window just before my inaugural season in the PL. Cannot believe I avoided relegation.
3. Having the other big English clubs refuse to sell their potential future stars and then watching them fail totally to develop those players, so the national team suffers badly.
4. Having a Bulgarian affiliate for work-permits and seeing my players score between them over 100 goals per season and yet they never get promoted (league not active).
5. Being 2 - 0 up in my first CL final with Spurs only for Ronaldo to score a second-half hattrick for Real seeing them win 3 - 2.
6. Having to break my previous golden rule of never paying a player more than £100k per week basic wage, just not possible in FM16, although I currently pay nobody more than £140k per week.

Seeing as I'll not buy another version until FM18 comes out, I'm going to try and run my Wigan save two the point where I get a second new stadium built (will be no sooner than 2045), something I've never managed. I also want to play at least 20 seasons with them to unlock the "create a son" feature.

Still plenty to do!

What are your highs and lows?