Higuain - FTAO Craven.


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Jan 28, 2006
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Said Id keep you updated on my favourite forward so heres a few games into his second season :rolleyes: :D

Aaaah there it is....
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There is a PM system you know Boozad :) and a thread to post stuff like this in
I shall use PM in future then. Delete the thread by all means
Looks like he is doing very well for you, if i ever goon fm again i may buy him!.

No need to delete the thread, its an FM discussion board.
I have to admit, he is an absolute beast! bought him for 4 million and he is really consistent and is banging the goals in regularly aswel.
I'm the opposite, scored 1 in about 17 matches for Middlesbrough...Brought Solskjaer and Sheringham and both scored more goals.
Where's my regular updates then? Slacking a little here.
Haha yes you're right. Expect his second season stats shortly. Ive hardly had time to FM lately but Ive just managed to finish that season. I'll post them later tonight.
Considering its only really his determination, flair and technique that stand out as well as his fitness and pace, his stats aren't all that good. Looking at him you wouldn't think he was a consistant goalscorer, but the proof is there.

He did only score 5 in Europe in the second season which wasn't too good, but hes making up for it now. Also his international form is really taking off. His value constantly fluctuates too (it dropped to £7.5m at one point) which I find strange for such a regular goalscorer.

Hes being challenged for his first team place by the 2 regens Ive posted in the Regens thread (Mark Hayward and Washington) whose stats are miles better, but hes still outscoring them.
I think a high finishing stat would be high on anyones agenda when buying a striker, thats why I think Higuain is a class above. Average stats - great goalscorer.
Maybe you should get him on a new training schedule, i've seen Higuain's finishing at 17 before. Still, he's done well for you so far. No Roncatto though. :)
True yea he aint no Roncatto. He just always seemes to score when it matters. To be honest the afforementioned regens may be first choice soon, I want someone to be even more prolific and their stats point to the fact that at least one of them should be
The most prolific scorer I ever had was Klose. He was on top form for the 3 seasons I played him. I've not played long enough to see a regen become prolific on FM2007 but I had an English youth on FM2006 called Jack Cooper who started showing signs of immense ability. He was very prolific for England with 10 in 9 caps by the age of 21 but only averaged 1 in 3 for me. Maybe if I played longer he could of been the best regen i've ever raised.
2 and a half seasons with me.....