Feb 15, 2010
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Alright guys,

anyone got any suggestions on who would be decent for blue square north in the second season.
Ideally they have to be young as Hinckley have little to no wage budget available.

I started in the BSN with FC Halifax. These are some of the players I picked up who made a good contribution to me gaining promotion;

Mirko Ranieri***** (amazing goalkeeper at this level, starts the game as a free agent he's probably already been picked up though)

Adam Chicksen**** (a quality LB, never get's injured and has amazing fitness)
Jamie Collins*** (an excellent CB or DM)
Remy Clerima*** (good CB)
Nathan Thompson** (decent RB)

David Lynch**** (an excellent CM playmaker)
Bastian Hery** (a decent CM, he scores some screamers)
Luke Joyce** (a good defensive midfielder)

Leon Clarke*** ST (very good striker - you should be able to get him on loan)
Stern John** ST (he is old but will have the quality to get you promoted)
Vincent Pericard** ST (again, fairly old but has the quality to get you up a league)

I'd also look to loan in a lot of players, it's tough to attract top talent at this level and your wage budget restricts this somewhat. Often your loan signings will be the best players in your team by some distance. Max out the amount of loan signings you are allowed per season and make sure you don't waste these on back-ups as I have done and learnt from before!

I hope this helps!
Alright guys

Where can i find Blue Square Premier, north, south latest transfers?
Especial for (Hinckley united)