Hired! :) :).........Then Fired after 1 match :/ :/


Nov 30, 2010
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How can Brazil do this to me? It hurt so bad :'(
I mean yeah ok it was the final for Confederations Cup against Spain but still it was my first game. I'am a respected manager of Chelsea yet they treat me so harshly :':)':)'(
You lost to Spain?
I would have done the same thing if I were Brazil FA Chairman
lol that suxs man, but thats Brazil for you. I have yet to see another country in FM go through so many coaches as fast as they do.
It is Brazil, on FM10 very few managers lasted a season. I got the sack after the first game I lost with them.
Did they release a statement as to why you had been sacked ?

I've never been sacked so I don't know if the board does this !
that is a bit of a joke, spain are the best team in the world...
All they said was my performance was awful and they feel that a new manager is required.. :/ :'(

Plus it was my 200th game as a manager too :'(
The Terminator got terminated... XD

Terrible I know. Couldn't resist <)
Haha. Don't worry, you'll be back! ;D

Thumbs up for the name and pic! (y)
lol, it's not FM unless brazilians are being sacked.

I'd take one of the under 21 brazil jobs before taking the HC job.