Jul 24, 2010
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Just about to begin my 3rd season with Leverkusen and I needed a CAM to replace Jurado who went back to Schalke after a successful loan spell in my second season.

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The two guys I was thinking of bringing in were either Kiyotake or Belhanda. According to FMRTE, Belhanda is the better player and as such I went for him and signed him for about £22m, I could've got Kiyotake for £12m, they both have similar wages so that is a non-issue.

According to FMRTE, current and potential ability are as follows:

Kiyotake: 75.4 >>> 77.59

Belhanda: 76 >>> 79.75

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After signing Belhanda however, I think I may have made a mistake. Belhanda is the better all-round player and is probably more capable of scoring more goals. However, Kiyotake is more creative and his decisions attribute is far higher.

As a result of Kiyotake's higher creativity I think he might fit in better playing in behind Jovetic, with Schurrle on the left and Eduardo Salvio on the right, but I'm yet to find out!

Basically, I'm asking whether you guys think I made the right decision in signing Belhanda, and what you would have done had it been your game!

I have Belhanda on my Arsenal team, he is about 14-16 months older than in your save and his stats are all a bit better, so he should improve still somewhat. For me his creativity and decisions both went up 1 point, along with his dribbling, technique, and passing (probably a few more I'm forgetting)I've never used Kiyotake but Belhanda is a pretty solid player, I don't always start him but he can be very good, I started him in the Champions league final and he played well