History database help

Aug 13, 2011
I have done an edited database and have considered to improve it dramatically but may need much help. I originally was going to do a season by season fantasy scenario re-writting the English game from 1871, but i feel its too complicated to keep up a fantasy history database and would rather do a series of real history databases with minimal fantasy (reserve teams in 1890 instead of 1990s and seating in 1900 rather then the 1989, stuff like these two being the few alterarations to the actual history).

For one thing, i would like to maybe do a database per 5 years for example; 1871-1876 then 1876-1881 or something or when a big team gets founded. I thought long and hard and would like to add some old players, the stars in 1880s/1890s/1900s.......... etc but im only basic at editing and find player editing by far the hardest.

I was thinking of duplicating players of today using the CA/PA and change name, year of birth etc, but will that work? What about getting facepacks on these players? Also team/league badges? I know nothing of doing all that cool stuff.

Maybe it be best if someone(s) could help me with editing players or at least let me start on it and help improve it?

I am looking at prior to 1888 at the momment and slotting in the timelines i see fit to use per chapter. If anyone wants to help me with either advice or getting involved on team kits, stadiums, stadium sizes, financies, rules etc then that will all be good stuff.

Another question is, deleting the current records or squads may seem like too much work going ontop of all this. is it really worth to do this?

Any advice or involvement in helping in this, no matter small or large, then i will at least listen.


Aug 21, 2009
Would love to see a working data base from English football leagues early years right through to present !! Just like they do with the game Out of the park Baseball were you can play any of the seasons from when the MLB first started right through to present day with all the actual players included !!