Jun 21, 2013
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So,my story starts in Northeastern Europe,in the city of Helsinki. Founded in 1907,the club major success was back in 1990s,when they played Champions league group stage. It is the most successful club in Finland and have a big reputation in there.

Key players

Mikael Forssell
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Finnish legendary striker would be a crucial player in my team. His
big experience will be very important,especially in
Champions league.

Teemu Tainio

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Another Finnish legend,this central midfielder will definitely be one
of our main players. Hopefully he can perform as he dis in

Premier League.

Demba Savage
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Right midfielder,my only foreign player in first team. Good dribller,
I will be using him as my main creator of goals.

Mika Vayrynen

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Great finnish central midfielder,spent almost his entire career
in Holland,playing in PSV and Heerenveen.

Board expect to win tittle this year,and I am going to. I am pleased
with the squad so I wont be very active
in this transfer window.

Our season starts in January and before the Veikkausliiga
starts Finnish league cup will be played.

One player has joined our squad.

Roni Porokara

Good finnish left midfielder,got him on free transfer,my scouts
rate him as an important player for the squad.

Finnish league cup group 2
FC Honka - HJK Helsinki 0:1
Lindstrom 63'

Very good match,we had a couple of good chances,but we managed
to score from corner.

But after that first game I have a problem. Teemu Tainio wont be
able to play for 4 weeks due to his injury.

Finnish league cup group 2
HJK Helsinki - Myllykosken Pallo 4:1
Vayrynen 8' 22' Porokara 33' Pohjanpalo 65'

Great match,everything went well,scoreline shows it

Finnish league cup group 2
FC Lahti - HJK Helsinki 0:0

Bore draw.

This is really looking bad,Forssell is injured for the second time
after just three games. This time 4 to 5 weeks.

Finnish league cup group 2
HJK Helsinki - FC Honka 0:5

This is the worst game I have ever seen. Although all of my key
players were injured including my RB Sebastien Sorsa.

Due to these injuries I have signed one striker beacuse Forssell is
my only striker in the team.

David Suazo

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Well known striker from Honduras. Former Inter striker joined our
squad in order to replace injured Forssell.

Finnish league cup group 2

HJK Helsinki - FC Lahti 1:0

Heikkila 45+1'
Nice match,I am pleased with this victory.

This is the tactic and the final squad for this season.

Finnish league cup group 2
Myllykosken Pallo - HJK Helsinki 1:1
Porokara 1'

Poor match,Forssell was ready for this match and he played 20
just to get another injury. I am so dissapointed with him.

We finished second in our group,so in quarters we will play against

Jyvaskylan Jalkapalloklubi.

Next update tonight.

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Beginning to like these stories about smaller teams. Do you have any personal aims or just play to enjoy?
looking good, i cant believe Forssell is only 30!!!!!!!!!!
Please, keep this story running, mate.
I'm definitely staying in touch for updates!
Beginning to like these stories about smaller teams. Do you have any personal aims or just play to enjoy?
As you said,I really enjoy to play fm,so it is the main reason why I started this story,of course there are couple personal aims but nothing particularly :D
Odlican tim imas, vidim. Srecno brate i samo kidaj :D
U to ne sumnjam :) nego vidim imas varynena, forssela, tainia, prosetaces se ligom :D
U to ne sumnjam :) nego vidim imas varynena, forssela, tainia, prosetaces se ligom :D
Pa i ja sam se iznenadio,posebno kad sam vidio forssela jer nikada ne gledam tim prije nego sto ga izaberem.
HJK Helsinki

Finnish league cup quarter final
HJK Helsinki - Jyvaskylan Jalkapalloklubi 3:1
Forssell 52' 67' Lindstrom 63'

Great 15 minutes in the second half and finally great
performance from Mikael Forssell.
In the semi final we will play against Inter Turku.

Finnish league cup semi final
FC Inter Turku - HJK Helsinki 1:3
Vayrynen 38' Suazo 67' pen 90+2'

Very good match,this time my second striker played extremely good
and provide us first final of the season.
Mikael Forssell,another 3 weeks injury.
In the final,we will play against Honka,team that destroyed
us in last match.

Finnish league cup final
FC Honka - HJK Helsinki 5:1
Pohjanpalo 89'
Horrible,awful,extremely poor and bad performance. I just dont
know what is happening with my team when we play against
FC Honka.

In the Suomen cup(Finnish) we will play against IFK Helsingfors.

Turun Palloseura - HJK Helsinki 1:1
Lidnstrom 89'
Poor start of the season,we picked up a late equaliser.

HJK Helsinki

Suomen Cup
IFK Helsingfors - HJK Helsinki 1:3
Suazo 44' Porokara 64' Pohjanpalo 67'
Good match,we played very well and conceded a late goal.

In the Suomen Cup quarters we will play against BK-46.

HJK Helsinki - IFK Mariehamn 2:0
Porokara 81' Pohjanpalo 90+1
Good match,we had plenty of chances but managed to score in late
stage of the match.

Suomen Cup quarters
BK-46 - HJK Helsinki 1:5
Mannstrom 22' Lindstrom 46' 70' Pohjanpalo 72' Kansikas 78'
Very good match,this 17 year old guy Pohjanpalo is really
continues to impress me,every time he get into the
game he scores. He can play as AMC or ST.

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Jyvaskylan Jalkapalloklubi - HJK Helsinki 3:3
Porokara 55' Mannstrom 83' Sorsa 90'
Not very good game,we managed to pick up a late equaliser.

In the Suomen Cup semi final we will play against Honka.
Tough draw,as we are very bad against them.

HJK Helsinki - FC Lahti 1:2
Savage 89'
Horiblle performance, I can now say that Forssell is the main
reason for this poor start of the season as he continues
to do nothing in front of the goal.

HJK Helsinki - Myllykosken Pallo 3:3
Savage 5' Forssell 43' Lindstrom 69'
Another poor game,their player got sent off in 3rd minute but we
still conceded 3 goals. I am very dissapointed.

Kuopion Palloseura - HJK Helsinki 3:1
Pohjanpalo 29'

We had a lead again,than second half is awful.
After this poor start of the season I decided to change my
tactic. This is how it looks like:
Currently we are standing in the 9th position in Veikkausliiga
with already 10 points behind the 1st placed team Honka.

Things are not looking good so far,but hopefully with my
new tactic we can start playing better and come
back into the battle for the tittle.

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Jbg, steta za kup :-/
Steta,sad u ligu lose krenuh ali pocinjem bolje da igram,treba da podignem formu za ligu sampiona :D Jedini mi je problem sto mi se igraci mnogo povredjuju ali uspjevam nekako da sastavim tim :)
HJK Helsinki

Since I have trouble with my strikers and their performances
I decided to sign a new one. Very young talented striker.
Most importantly I have signed him from Honka,
my main tittle rivals.

Tim Vayrynen
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FC Honka - HJK Helsinki 0:0
Finally,decent performance against Honka,we could have won that

match but I am not dissapointed.

Suomen Cup Semi Final
HJK Helsinki - FC Honka 3:1
Lindstrom 64' 104' Pohjanpalo 110'
We finally managed to defeat Honka,and we are through to the

nadam se da ce ti se dobro pokazat ovaj novi napadac, nego jel stvarno Forsellu ne ide ni u finskoj ligi? :O
P.S. Srecno u finalu :)
nadam se da ce ti se dobro pokazat ovaj novi napadac, nego jel stvarno Forsellu ne ide ni u finskoj ligi? :O
P.S. Srecno u finalu :)
Ma ne da mu ne ide,nego ne moze nista da uradi,primi loptu svaku drugu utakmicu i to kad je primi sutne sa 30 metara,moram da probam Vayrynena,dao je za Honku 16 golova u 13 meceva. Hvala,nadam se da ce biti prva titula :D