Hodgson expects West Brom support

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Aug 23, 2006
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New West Brom manager Roy Hodgson believes he will receive support from the club in their bid to stay in the Premier League, though he concedes he has taken on a 'very difficult challenge'.

Despite the fact that there was no need for di matteo's sacking Hodgson has my support mainly due to the fact that he perfers working with defences so I hope he can clamp down on our terrible defence and there fear or set pieces.As long as he doesnt sign Koncheskey he is fine by me.
Di Matteo would have got 15th place I reckon, assuming the number of injuries stabalises
I may be reading too much into this but is he sort of taking a shot at Liverpool. By saying he hopes he will receive support is he subtly saying that he feels Liverpool didn't give him enough support. "Clubs which allow you to do the job properly and embrace your philosophies are very important. I believe West Brom are that sort of club," he said. Again saying Liverpool weren't that kind of club. I may just be making up conspiracy theories but meh good luck to him