Dec 27, 2010
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This is first season, August 2010

I loaned veratti and got Enzo Maresca on a free, sold Isaac Vorsah for 4 million and Ibertsberger for 4 million. I have a budget of around 5-6 million and looking for ideally a wonderkid, I don't have any huge leaks in squad at the moment so can spend 2 years developing a class youngster.

I play a 4-3-3. The main problem is after selling Ibertsberger I don't have a backup DR so would like a youngster who I can develop in that area, a short term cheap/loan solution would be good (don't wanna spend more than 1.5 million)

I would also like perhaps a good defender to replace Martin Compper. He is quite weak and I would be happy to blow all £5-6 million on a superior player or great youngster.

Would also be happy to hear about good players for £5-6 million mark for MC/DM or any Striker wonderkids I should buy for my money. Also any good loans I could get that are better than current squad I would be interested in.
DC......D.Lugano £3 Million Release clause
DR......Rafael on loan from Man utd
DM/MC...A.Annan about 2 or 3 million
ST......V.Kadlec about £1 million
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Gary Medel from Universidad Catolica. On loan to Boca. though you can't get him now he's fairly cheap next season.
He can cover all the positions you mentioned. Great anchorman for me.
Rafael was already out on loan this season, and I tried to get Lugano but he had no interest. Kadlec I don't think will be interested but I will try my best in the future to sign him, has huge potential.

I ended up buying Lukaku for 7.5 million over 3 years xD

Now my budget is blown it's maybe best I should sell some players for the January transfer windows (and those foreign regens!) Any advice on which players I should look to scrap/exchange?

Man United have shown an interest in Obasi, would it be worth offering a trade of Obasi for Kadlec this early on, despite obasi being worth 5 million and kadlec valued at 1.8?