Jun 4, 2013
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Hello to you all. I have played every single CM and FM there was, but i always downloaded a good tactic, got the right players for it and succeeded. Now i'm doing my first save at FM13 and i want to create my own. I think it will be more rewarding :)
I've always been fan of the italian 5-3-2 (3-5-2) so i'm trying to use it at Hoffenheim (the nearest 1st division club from where i live).

3 central defenders
2 wing backs
2 central midfielders
1 offensive midfielder
2 strikers

The playing philosophy i want to introduce is this:

GK playing as "sweeper" keeper, because i want the defense line a bit forward.
right and left DC cover the WB when i suffer a counter attack and they are up front. put them in DC role.
WB help to defend but they will be doing most of the attacking play and crosses to opposition box. put them in WB role and support.
2 MC which steal ball from opposition but get up front too to try through balls to strikers and play to wingbacks. put 1 MC with box to box support role. the other MC ball stealing midfielder with defend role.
AMC only focus is shooting from long range and trying through balls to the strikers. (number 10 role)
ST apart from the obvious goal scoring they should put pressure on the central backs at all time (both striker role)

i put those exact player instructions, team instructions apart from defense line a bit up forward, zonal marking and short pass i let everything default, and played my first match against a very weak side. this is what happened:

1st half 6-0 for me. not bad. goals where mostly long range shots. but i disliked one thing: my DC had the ball and simply passed it up front, to no man's land... several times despite having short pass on... I want short pass posession football.
so at half time i tweaked a bit the creative freedom setting to "strict" (i think this is what its called). now my team started to play that smooth short pass posession football i wanted but all of a sudden no more goal scoring opportunities... i scored only a corner goal...
Another intriguing thing was my assistant manager saying in the 2nd half that short pass was working well but everything else had been bad LOLOL
and that i was giving midfield to opposition side. that was definetly not true since my AMC helped the MC's constantly and they were stealing a lot of ball from opposition.
Is there something i can do to keep the ball in my posession but not only in my midfield, but to play forward and create chances?
Or is it just because it was the first match and the team has to get to know the tactics a bit better.
sorry for not being able to post screenshots. dont know how it works.

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