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Holding Midfield: A Defence of FIFA

Holding Midfield Articles (BOT)
Apr 6, 2011
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A generation from now, naughty children around the world will be hushed into submission by whispers of a hideous and sinister figure from the darkest corner of history. Disobedient little ones will tremble at the mention of his name, baulk at stories of his villainous deeds and offer prayers that wherever he is now it’s a place far, far away. “Eat your greens,” parents will plead, “or Sepp Blatter will come for you in your sleep.” The global youth will enter a golden age of nutrition. He-who-must-not-be-named took a further step towards enshrining himself forever in history as the thing that goes bump in the night with more clumsy sound-bites on the Brazilian crisis earlier this week. A couple of gems glimmer: “This is not our problem, it is a Brazilian problem.” To be fair to Blatter he is at least practicing what he preaches, fleeing the country last week to attend the U-20 World Championships in Turkey and leaving the Brazilians to ‘their problem.’ Equally headline-worthy was the President’s assertion that “FIFA has come out of this stronger, with [its] image enhanced.” There’s a flicker of truth to this if we consider what the governing body has been up [...]

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