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Holding Midfield: Home From Home

Holding Midfield Articles (BOT)
Apr 6, 2011
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The bottom end of the League Two table in May 2013 could have provided the definitive case study of the cultural and financial impact of small businesses that fail to adapt to shifting landscapes. Two of the bottom five could be said to be working from blueprints drawn up in sunnier fiscal climes that stubbornly failed to respond when the economic skies blackened – Aldershot relegated as the receivers laboured to push square pegs through round holes in the name of solvency, and Wimbledon keeping their noses just above the watermark whilst weighed down by lingering debts dating back to the purchase of the lease on Kingsmeadow in 2003. The outlook is cloudy for clubs with a local focus but amongst all the poor forecasts one club who have suffered more than most in recent years, on the pitch and off, is finally laying the foundations of a real success story for the Football League’s corporate fodder. With a new Managing Director in place who knows a thing or two about maximising resources at this level, Plymouth Argyle will be looking to push on from last season’s 21st place finish. Martyn Starnes has been reflecting this week on the challenge […]

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