Holding Midfield: Michel Platini: cometh the hour, cometh the man?

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Apr 6, 2011
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By Robert O’Connor Michel Platini must feel at times that he’s swimming against a violent tide. His efforts to force Europe’s top clubs to subscribe to a sustainable financial model continue to be met with a sly resistance and his stance against the introduction of video technology routinely sees him mocked by the international press. It’s lonely at the top, so they say, and Platini’s tendency to buck trends makes him an easy target for those in the sport looking to foment the status quo. But fighting the good fight is becoming less straightforward as matters of the heart and of the head muddy the waters and threaten to present some unenviable choices. Platini has been a vocal champion of some noble causes during his presidency at UEFA. In championing the Financial Fair Play legislation he has offered genuine hope that the fantasy football approach to spending at Europe’s power clubs might be brought under control, despite a few teething problems drawing some legitimate criticisms from concerned onlookers. His assault on the unchecked rise of the elite has extended to the pitch too, as his campaign to reduce Champions League representation from the bigger nations builds on 2010’s remodelling of [...]

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