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Holding Midfield: Termination Noticed

Holding Midfield Articles (BOT)
Apr 6, 2011
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Poor old Gus Poyet. The former Brighton boss must feel like somebody’s been sneaking into his world and pulling threads with the way his career has been unravelling lately. Since his side blew their favourites tag to go crashing out of the championship play-offs to a Crystal Palace team in wretched form on May 13th the Uruguayan has been the football media’s number one fall guy, suspended from his job and panned by his club for failing to attend a disciplinary hearing into the undisclosed charges hanging over him. So when the BBC elected to broadcast Poyet’s sacking as part of their coverage of Spain’s Confederations Cup match against Nigeria it’s fair to concede that the look of child-like bewilderment that swept across his face as presenter Mark Chapman’s questions rained down on him was well warranted. It’s an interesting new direction for the BBC, spear-heading their summer schedule with live and exclusive prime-time sackings of people who presumably have bills to pay and would just as presumably rather receive such news without the glare of a nation bearing down on them. But who are we to question the producers at the Beeb when there are viewing figures at stake, [...]

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