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Holding Midfield: What can we expect from Gerardo Martino at Barcelona?

Holding Midfield Articles (BOT)
Apr 6, 2011
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At first glance, it doesn’t really make sense how Gerardo Martino has ended up at Barcelona. Their coaches typically have some sort of link to the club – while Martino did have a brief spell at Barcelona at the tail end of his playing days, it was the Ecuadorian club founded by an immigrant from the Catalan city. The majority of his coaching was spent at the helm of the Paraguay side that grinded their way to the final of the truly awful 2011 Copa America without winning a single game. A* 4-4-2-shaped, wing-based team with big strikers that mainly relied on set-pieces to get their goals conflicts with what you would expect Barcelona to look for in a manager’s history. His season of management in between Paraguay and Barcelona dissipates the confusion, however. Following his spell with Paraguay, Martino returned to the club that had named him their greatest ever player: Newell’s Old Boys. He was ever-present at the tip of the midfield diamond in the successful Newell’s side of the early nineties, and likely could have played to a high level were he a bit quicker. It was at that time Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, in his first […]

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