Dec 8, 2008
Reaction score
No matter what I do, I can't seem to string together a good set of results away from home, and play the same kind of scintillating football that I play at home. I struggle from away game to away game (even with the best of teams) even though at home I win every single game because of the tactics I play. Is there anyway you can slightly alter the Home tactics to play the same way away from home, and still dominate the game in all areas?
Well, here's the thing. True that your tactic plays a big role in how your team plays, but, you have to realize that when you're playing at home you get a huge advantage boost. If you're playing away it's the other way around. Actually it's really, really, really hard to dominate an away game unless your team completely outclass the opposition in every area.
Is it? I'm looking for help and a discussion on what I can do play my possession football away from home and score as many and concede as little as I do at home
You can't expect to score as many and concede as few away from home as you do at home. However, there is no reason why you can't expect to win with tweaks to your home tactic and how you manage the team.

Playing tighter, match prep, team talks, opposition instructions and so on will all help to improve your chance of winning. Just playing the same way at home and away wont always get you very far.

At the very least I'd recommend you reading through JPWoodys thread in this forum of reading the match odds and adapting your play accordingly. It's quite insightful and thought provoking.